Mateo Castañeda sends a letter and denies being a member of Los Waykis in the Shadows – Caretas

Castañeda would have tried to corrupt police officers. (Foto; DIFUSIÓN)

Mateo Castañeda, lawyer for President Dina Boluarte and arrested last Friday by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, published a letter written by hand where he denies belonging to a criminal organization led by Nicanor Boluarte. “To the public opinion: I am a practicing litigating lawyer, I am not an advisor, counselor, or government official, I am not a member of any criminal organization. That is why I do not know any of its 21 members, except only Dr. Nicanor Boluarte, because I am the lawyer of his sister, the president of the Republic,” he indicates in the letter.

In this letter, Castañeda rejects the accusations against him, which he considers “orchestrated” to stain his reputation as a lawyer and close representative of Dina and Nicanor Boluarte. In the same line, the lawyer stated that there is no need for the Prosecutor’s Office to detain him.

In this letter published on X (formerly Twitter), he calls on his colleagues from the Lima Bar Association to intervene in this case, which he considers an abuse and an excess against the free exercise of his profession.

Mateo Castañeda confirmed a meeting with Harvey Colchado and indicates that it was “an ambush”.

Upon being arrested, and after the identity control hearing, Mateo Castañeda confirmed having met with PNP Colonel Harvey Colchado and stated that the meeting was “an ambush.”

The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the lawyer for alleged influence peddling and for his alleged participation in a criminal organization.

“I reject all charges. If there is something to investigate, it will be investigated, but this has been an ambush by Colonel Harvey Colchado, who has summoned me to two meetings through General Carlos Morán (…)”. Castañeda states that he attended those meetings “without suspecting” that “the conversations were being recorded.”

According to the Prosecutor’s investigation, Castañeda held meetings with National Police Colonels Harvey Colchado and Walter Lozano, where he would have offered benefits, such as promotions and “protection” in exchange for the Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power (Eficcop) shelving the case with Nicanor Boluarte.

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